About Us

The Classes

All of our instructors are CRB registered and all parents are welcome to stay and view their child’s ongoing progress.

Across all of the club locations the classes are structured to allow students to improve their fitness level as well as learn techniques and the syllabus. A typical class would have a brief warm up session where basic exercise & stretching is undertaken; followed by a non syllabus based technique session and then into syllabus work teaching elements required for gradings.

Outside of our scheduled class structure we specialise in teaching practical self defence to schools, ladies groups and individuals alongside national groups. We provide the highest standard and quality of coaching (with full sports council approval and full insurance) and developing students to the best of their ability.

Session prices are:

Adults 8.00
Students 6.50
Juniors 5.00

Classes run by Sensei Ian have changed to a monthly payment scheme (discounted and payable by direct debit).

The Badge

Club Badge

Surrounding the club badge and at the top of every page in the site are the words commitment, understanding and respect. These are simple words that have great meaning within all our clubs:

Commitment - it takes a great personal commitment to achieve your goals and progress in Ju Jitsu as well as life. We encourage this quality actively across all our clubs.
Understanding - the nature of Ju Jitsu as with many other martial arts is to learn a martial art for what ever personal reason of the individual student. Each student has to understand not only the techniques and the reason they work but also that other people have other goals and that everyone should work together.
Respect - for both the art and individuals involved, whether it be personal or a wider base, are values that should be practised inside the dojo and out in the world.

The Symbol

Kanji for Family

The Kanji (Japanese script) in our badge and logo literally means “family”.
The reason we chose this symbol as the main representation of our clubs is that as a family we work towards common goals for the benefit of us all, both in the dojo and in every day life. With any form of club there is a sense of belonging this is particularly true across all our clubs, we socialise, we travel, we train and for the most part we go to the bar after training.