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Age Ranges and Goals

Little Warriors: 4 yrs to 6 years

A special age for learning Ju Jitsu as it cannot be taught in a traditional manner to young children. Our training structure allows a child to become fitter, more confident and more socially aware whilst acknowledging the limitations of a young child’s physical ability. We are also very aware that young children have a short attention span so we rotate the training dependent on how the class reacts. This gives us a very flexible and proven approach to teaching children at different stages of progress. We achieve this by combining Ju Jitsu techniques and games to guide their natural abilities whilst learning new skills. We are ultimately aware that a child's physical development is at a key stage within this age group as the growth of bones and muscles can be adversely affected unless approached with care and expert knowledge. The measurement of a child’s progress can be viewed from many aspects as an adult; however within most martial arts the children tend to view their progress by way of belt colour. For this reason children are regularly graded when they are ready to do so. All of our instructors are DBS registered and all parents are welcome to stay and view their child’s ongoing progress.

Juniors: 6 years to 11 years

Again we aim to promote the same techniques taught to our Little Warriors members with a greater focus on technical achievement and development. The expectation of our junior students is to maintain a high standard of learning whilst being mindful of their development. We aim to encourage the mental development by introducing set pieces that have to be carried out in order. We find this allows a child to realise their potential by learning and applying at the same time. This has been shown to help in other areas of the children's development such as school work. They are encouraged to expand their physical limits but are closely monitored to ensure that they do not exceed their capabilities and damage themselves or their training partner. If a junior feels uncomfortable with learning a new technique we will modify a technique to build their confidence and allow the child to progress using multi-part techniques. All of our instructors are DBS registered and all parents are welcome to stay and view their child's ongoing progress.

Seniors: 11 years to 16 years

Children of this age are physically and mentally more adept, but not fully developed, and as such are treated as young adults; but the children are not expected to achieve an adult level of ability as they are at a key stage of physical development. In order for a child to become competent at Ju Jitsu it is imperative that development is within the boundaries of their physical capabilities. In addition to teaching full syllabus Ju Jitsu in a more formal way, we encourage respect, growth and cooperation. This has been demonstrated over the years to help in all areas of life as well as school. It helps guide their development from childhood into a well rounded adult. The Senior students respond positively to having their own time where they can work at a higher level than the pee wee or junior classes. All of our instructors are DBS registered and all parents are welcome to stay and view their child's ongoing progress.

Adults: 17 plus

As an adult the reasons for joining a class tend to be different and have different motivational requirements from those of children. This leads to a very different teaching and learning style by the class as a whole. In order to achieve the expressed goals of the individual student a common approach is required to bring the student to a basic level of competence before advanced techniques are taught.

Students are actively encouraged to increase their level of fitness and to learn techniques suitable for application in adult life situations.

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