Danish Course and Comp

I would like to congratulate all members of the team for their hard work over the weeks as this was clearly seen to pay off at the competition with a massive medal haul of 30! More>

Dan Grading

Congratulations to our latest Black belts. The standard was once again very high More>

Gary The Salty Sea Dog

I just wanted to say a massive 'thank you' to Wakarishin for all your support!
The final tally from Macmillan... Continued

5th International Competition

Congratulations to all competitors who competed. List of all medal winners HERE


Sensei Ian would like to thank everyone for their support over the month of 'Movember' 2011! It was the cause of a great many laughs (and a donation from those who mocked) More>

Competition Pictures

New pictures from Nigel Flynn and Dave Gray from various course and competitions HERE

Katana Cutting Course

A big thank you to Rod Waterhouse for organising the Katana cutting course at Great Berry School. We all had great fun destorying reed targets and water bottles. More>

Norwich 2009

A big thank you to all the instructors at the multiarts course on Saturday 17th October. A long but enjoyable day.

Southend Results

The complete table of results from the Southend 9th May 2009 competition
More >

Competition 2009

Congratulations to all our competitors at our competition in Southend. We had a great day and won 68 medals, A great result! We now have a lot of pictures from the day More>.


Wakarishin have won 48 medals at the competition in Wolverhampton. Pictures from FIMP media now available. Well Done Everybody in the team. More>

18th UNJJ Competition 2009

Our competitors in the UNJJ competition in Blackpool, 9th-11th October, have won 46 medals (provisional). See squad review above for more pictures.

Ko-Budo Congratulations

Congratulations to all students who have taken assessments over the past 3 Ko-Budoís More>

Sensei Ianís African Adventure

Last November Sensei Ian travelled to South Africa. Click to see some fantastic photos. More>

Squad Review 2009

The squad review 2009 written by Sensei Gary Hewitt, also pictures from the UNJJ Blackpool Competition More>

BJJA Championships Results

Results of the 2010 championships in Walsall for all Wakarishin competitiors More>

Pictures From BJJA Championships

Pictures from the BJJA Championships, some from the competition and others from the social events! Pictures courtesy of Rod Waterhouse, If you have any pictures or video from the day please pass it on. Pictures

Dan Gradings

The latest Dan Gradings took place on Saturday 5th June at Courage hall, Brentwood. The standard once again was very high, congratulations to the following:
Junior Black Belt.
Morgan Gray, Conor Chatfield
Black Belt 1st Dan.
Joseph Mulreany, Matt Gavan, Tom Milsom, Tony Hawk
Black Belt 2nd Dan.
Steve Hunt
Some pics from the day.

Ian McCleallans World Tour Blog 3

After the last time I spoke to you I went on a tour of the DMZ in Vietnam. The DMZ is More>

Buckingham Palace Garden Party Guests!

Professor Terry Parker 10th Dan, accompanied by his wife Sensei Janet Parker have attended HRH the Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on 22nd July in recognition for his services to Ju Jitsu.
We would all like to congratulate Sensei Terry on his incredible work and devotion to Ju-Jitsu and hope you had a wonderful time. Hover over picture to see larger version.

Warrior Games Day

Saturday 7th August at Basildon Sports Centre saw the first warrior day where peace was broken with shouting, chaos and mayhem MORE>

Old Student Gets Married

Those of us who have been members for a long, long time, will remember Claire Vernezza, daughter of Elaine and David Vernazza. Claire was a Jikishin student reaching the level of Second Dan before leaving for Reading University, where she attained First Class Honours in Microbiology before gaining a Doctorate. She married Dr. Steve Lonsdale on 22nd May in Salisbury. Congratulations to the happy couple.
Click to see some pics from the day.

Southend 2010 Medal Winners

Full medal winners listing from this years Competition at Garon Park, Southend HERE

The James Gang

Congratulations to Sensei Dave James and Hayley who are now Mr and Mrs. We hope you had a wonderful day and many many years of marital bliss. A few pics from the day.

Sensei John Hunt

It is with great sadness to report the passing away of Sensei John Hunt 8th Dan. Sensei Hunt had a varied 'combat' career from schoolboy amateur boxer, then trained in Karate, judo and finally ju-jitsu forming the Harlow Jiu Jitsu club. Recently it was a pleasure to spend an evening with him to celebrate his life and for him to receive his 8th Dan. Sensei Hunt had been suffering with illness for some time. Our thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends at this sad time.(Hover over picture to see larger version).

Dan Gradings

Congratulations to all our Black Belts who Graded in July.
4th Dan
Elaine Vernazza, Matt DeBono, Gary Hewitt, Dave James.
3rd Dan
Kyle Hargreaves, Michel Sun Wai.
2nd Dan
Nathan Byne.
1st Dan
Megan Douglas, Chelsie Stansfield, Rheanne Sun Wai, Sam Watson.
Junior Black
Adam Cooke
pics from the day.