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If you wish to buy anything please let your club sensei know.

Licence and Insurance

Senior Renewal£35.00
Junior Renewal£35.00
Senior Renewal if out of date more than 2 months£37.50
Junior Renewal if out of date more than 2 months£32.50
Replacement Budo Pass£3.50

Grading Prices

Peewee Grading Kyu £10.00 Including Belt
Junior Grading Kyu £20.00 Including Belt
Senior Grading Kyu £25.00 Including Belt
Junior Grading Shodan £50.00
Junior Grading Shodan Tag £35.00
Senior Grading All Dan Grades £100.00
Black Belts £15.00


Gis - Lightweight

Sizes 000 (110cm tall)£15.00
Sizes 00 (120cm tall)£15.00
Sizes 0 (130cm tall)£15.00
Sizes 1 (140cm tall)£15.00
Sizes 2 (150cm tall)£15.00
Sizes 3 (160cm tall)£20.00
Sizes 4 (170cm tall)£20.00
Sizes 5 (180cm tall)£20.00
Sizes 6 (190cm tall)£20.00
Sizes 7 (200cm tall)£20.00
Pants only (ALL SIZES)£10.00

Black Belt Gi - Black Belts only

Size 3 (160cm tall)£55.00
Size 4 (170cm tall)£55.00
Size 5 (180cm tall)£55.00
Size 6 (190cm tall)£60.00
Size 7 (200cm tall)£60.00

Heavy Weight Gi

Size 3 (160cm tall)£42.00
Size 4 (170cm tall)£42.00
Size 5 (180cm tall)£42.00
Size 6 (190cm tall)£42.00
Size 7 (200cm tall)£42.00


Family Badge£4.00
Association Badge£4.00
Jikishin International Badge£4.00
Wakarishin Back Badge£5.50
Blazer Badge£13.50


NunchakuBlack Foam Cord£5.00
NunchakuBlue/Black Foam Cord£6.00
NunchakuBlue/Black Ball Bearing£8.00
NunchakuWooden Cord£8.00
NunchakuWooden Ball Bearing£10.00
SaiRound / Octagonal£31.00
Sai Case£13.00
Sai JuniorSilver£26.00
KamaMetal Blades - Pair£16.00
Kama Case£13.00
TonfaBlack & Red Oak£13.00
BokkenRed Oak£10.00
Plastic Scabbard£6.00
JoRed Oak£10.00
Rubber Training Knife£3.00
Aluminium Training Knife£8.00

Competition Gear

Shin & Instep Pads£9.00
Hand Pads£6.00
Deluxe Groin Guard£10.00
Basic Mouth Guards£2.00
Quality Mouth Guards£10.00


T Shirts£15.00
Jackets£35.00sizes S - XXXL
Baseball Caps£10.00
Ties (BJJA)£15.00
Wakarishin Shirt£25.00
Black & Red Hoodies£27.50Adult Sizes S - XXL
£22.00Junior Sizes 5 - 11
Zipped Hoodies£27.50Adult Sizes S - XXL
£22.00Junior Sizes 5 - 11


Wrist Bands£2.00
Draw String Bag£5.00

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