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Competitions allow the individual to show their talents to other clubs with the chance of winning a medal! Competitions are open to anyone and are entirely voluntry, although it's worth having a go at least once.

We have our own competition and course once a year and travel to other competitions within the UK by member clubs within the BJJA(GB) and abroad to our friends around the world.

A competition will usually have a course attached where some of the best instructors demonstrate a variety of techniques to small groups.

The competition itself is divided into random attacks, continuous fighting, groundfighting, kata (open hand and weapons) and demonstrations.

Random Attacks

The random attacks category gives you an opportunity to show off your best jujitsu. You will be pitted against an opponent and each of you will have an uke (your partner), who will be told by the officials how they should attack you. You won't know what is coming, so you have to rely on your reactions and training to deal with the situation as best you can. The judges will then decide who performed the most effective techniques.

Competitors are split up based on their grade, so you won't be facing anyone who is much higher grade than you.


Continuous Fighting

Continuous fighting is designed to simulate the three 'stages' of a fight:

You must wear the appropriate safety equipment to take part in continuous fighting. You will need:

Additionally, males must wear a groin guard, and females are recommended to wear a chest protector.


Groundfighting takes place entirely on the ground, and involves no strikes. Juniors fight to secure a pin, whereas adults can also submit their opponent using locks and chokes. The categories are based on gender and weight.


Kata are strictly choreographed movements designed for a student to practice on their own. They also form a big part of the later syllabus, and are judged at competition.

In competition, the kata are split into several different categories.


Weapon kata is marked by:


In a demonstration, competitors put together a routine of techniques and perform it in front of the judges.

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