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Adam Byne, 5th Dan (Godan)

Sensei Adam

At what club do you train?


When did you start training?

When I was 15.

Why did you choose Ju Jitsu over other martial arts?

Because it is a well rounded martial art and covers all the important factors of self defence.

Did you do other sports/martial arts before Ju Jitsu?

Since doing Ju-Jitsu I have done Judo, Aikido, Haphido, Kung-Fu and Ninjitsu.

Tell us about your first Ju Jitsu class.

I remember being nervous and having to do ground fighting in front of the whole class with my mate, however me being me, we just went mad and had fun!

When did you think about getting your Black Belt?

As soon as I put on my Gi!

Was it difficult to attain?

Yes very. The hardest thing I've had to do so far.

What does a "black Belt" mean to you?

It means a lot to me, I worked hard for it and I wear it with pride.

Ever had to use Ju Jitsu for real?

No and I hope I never have to.

Do you enter martial arts competitions?

I have now entered a few competitions and have won a few medals to show for it.

Has Ju Jitsu changed your life in any positive or negative way?

Can only be positive, I'm able to go out at any time of day or night knowing I'm able to protect myself.

What do you see as the advantages of Ju Jitsu?

Its like I said, being able to protect myself.

How much time does your training require?

Training takes up a lot of my time, I love Ju-Jitsu so I don't mind. I'm always doing something to do with Ju-Jitsu.

If you could advise a beginner on one thing about Ju Jitsu what would it be?

Mostly have fun! Go with the flow and if they like what they do then take it more seriously and be dedicated.

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