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Alyce Collier, 2nd Dan (Nidan)

Sensei Alyce

At what club do you train?

I train at Harold Hill, South Woodham Ferrers, Brentwood and Chelmsford.

When did you start training?

I started training in 2005.

Why did you choose Ju Jitsu over other martial arts?

My daughter started training in the juniors and I caught the bug watching her every week.

Did you do other sports/martial arts before Ju Jitsu?

At school I did pretty much every sport there was to do. Since becoming a mum it's just martial arts, gym, swimming and hiking now.

Tell us about your first Ju Jitsu class.

I was nervous, scared and completely confident that I was going to make myself look like a proper plum!

When did you think about getting your Black Belt?

When I was told I'd be grading for it! Ha ha!

Was it difficult to attain?

It was a lot of hard work, tears and tantrums but completely worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed my grading and was thrilled when I passed.

What does a "black Belt" mean to you?

The end of one journey and the start of a new one.

Ever had to use Ju Jitsu for real?

Unfortunately yes.

Do you enter martial arts competitions?

I have, yes.

Has Ju Jitsu changed your life in any positive or negative way?

For me it's a bit of both. Mainly positive but I have a youngster that frequently moans that she doesn't see me enough.

What do you see as the advantages of Ju Jitsu?

Far too many to list. And it's different for everyone.

How much time does your training require?

As much as I can spare.

If you could advise a beginner on one thing about Ju Jitsu what would it be?

Have fun! Enjoy yourself and give it a go. You never know until you try.

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