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Peewee Syllabus

The Syllabus

The syllabus used in all our clubs is designed to give students the knowledge of simple, effective, proven techniques. Students will work with a partner to practice a demonstrated technique.

Peewees and Juniors are usually taught separately from the adults and the syllabus the Peewees use has been adapted from the Junior syllabus to help keep their interest and concentration. This allows them to 'slot' straight into the Junior syllabus when they reach the required age.

Kyu Grades - The Belts

The coloured belts are the student grades referred to as Kyu Grades.

The student will start at the novice white belt and progress through to the Yellow/ White tag belt, after which they will move on to the Junior syllabus when they reach the required age.

Each belt has a minimum timescale before a student will be eligible to take a grading. Of course a student can take as long as they want before they grade, although it is ultimately the decision of the club Sensei whether a student can be put forward for a grading.

  • White Red Tag Belt
  • Red Tag Belt
  • White Yellow Tag Belt
  • Yellow White Tag Belt

The Peewee syllabus booklet can be downloaded from the download section.

Peewee Grading Timescales

This is the shortest time that a student who has done regular training that the club Sensei will consider them to grade. The club Sensei must ensure the student can demonstrate they know the syllabus well and may make them miss that grading so they are better prepared for the grading after.

  • White to Red/White Tag belt - Next Available Grading (if ready)
  • Red/White Tag to Red belt - 4 months
  • Red to White/Yellow Tag belt - 4 months
  • White/Yellow Tag to Yellow/White Tag belt - 4 months
  • Yellow/White Tag to Yellow (Junior) belt - 4 months (must be 6 years or older)


Peewee are held approximately every 4 months at the same venue as all the other Junior students. The student has to meet certain criteria before they can grade, these are:

  • The required minimum timescale has elapsed
  • Has attended the required number of sessions
  • Has trained regularly
  • Has been invited by the Sensei to grade
  • Is fit enough to take the grading
  • Has up to date insurance and membership

After a revision session, all students of the same grade will perform the techniques from the syllabus. Senior instructors will assess the group to ensure they have understood and practised the move, and that they can demonstrate the techniques to the best of there ability. This way it ensures that the teaching is consistent and is to the high standards required.

The grading will be as fun as we can make it for the Peewees, it will be a chance for the student to show their skills before they move on to the next level.

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