First Experience in Ju Jitsu – Part 1 of the Journey

Trying Ju Jitsu for the first time may be daunting for some. The ‘unknown’ can at times put off some perspective students. We recently caught up with one of our newest members (Tracey) to find out how her first lesson went.

“After years of watching the boys on the mat, drinking my coffee and having had some persuasion from a number of Sensei’s, in a moment of sheer madness I have finally dragged myself onto the mat for my first session of Jujitsu, much to the amusement and slight embarrassment of the entire family.

Warm up meant stretching areas I had forgotten about decades ago and then onto break falls for which I have discovered I do indeed have a brain because I noted it to rattle around a little every time I hit the deck. I have also discovered that I have a problem with coordination and remembering which part of my body needs to go where and at what time.

Despite all of this, I did get there in the end and managed to survive my first proper session of Jujitsu intact, putting aside my advancing years and the fact that I am a confirmed exercise phobic. I am of course writing this the day after and as expected, feeling a little delicate in more areas than I care to mention.

Will I come back again? Yes, I guess I have little choice since the quote of the day was “ Mum, you wasn’t as embarrassing as we thought you we going to be ! “ in addition to this I have tried refreshing my memory on some of the moves I have learnt with my experienced purple belted husband who is worryingly taking great delight in assisting me with various arm locks and punches.

Am I hooked? Quite possibly, we will see ……………”

If you are interested in trying Ju Jitsu, simply click here to find your nearest club. Alternately, give us a call on 07889 506403