Journey to yellow belt and beyond........

Well, what a few months itís been since I dared to join everyone on the mat. A number of members amused by our Sunday family outing on the mat and some lovely and supportive encouragement from the other Mums and Dads. After a few weeks training and just a few moves into the yellow belt syllabus the bombshell struck with the words. "Tracey, you will be doing your grading in November!" Initially thinking this was a small joke, I laughed nervously and carried on bouncing off the mat. In the next session I came to the realisation that this was no joke and the pressure was on.

Training became more serious with frantically trying to remember moves while adding to my bruise collection and trying to determine right from left in my confused brain! Four weeks to go and the nerves were kicking in, my forward and backward rolls were more sausage rolls and more clumsy than a two year old. Training increased to twice a week, with a few serious discussions fighting with Ďhim indoorsí over which of us could train while the other covered childcare. Pressure increased after my rather clever four year old managed a good grading and proudly obtained his yellow belt. Several training sessions later and 18th November arrives, the feeling of sheer panic as if going to the dentist had arrived.

The day was here when I had to remember the moves and deliver the goods! Within a few minutes and almost a blink of an eye, I managed to reproduce the whole yellow belt syllabus with only few small errors and avoiding the look of a being a complete mad woman and better still not looking like a Mummy just having a go ! I actually did it and gained my yellow belt still holding on to my dignity and with great encouragement from all of my boys.

Orange belt next with lots to remember for my confused middle aged brain. How will I manage it, well letís give it a go and see .........

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