The Wakarishin Ju-Jitsu Association

The Harold Hill Community Centre, Harold Hill, Romford, Essex, RM3 9LB.

About Us

The Classes

All of our instructors are DBS registered and all parents are welcome to stay and view their child’s ongoing progress.

Across all of the club locations the classes are structured to allow students to improve their fitness level as well as learn techniques and the syllabus. A typical class would have a brief warm up session where basic exercise & stretching is undertaken; followed by a non syllabus based technique session and then into syllabus work teaching elements required for gradings.

Outside of our scheduled class structure we specialise in teaching practical self defence to schools, ladies groups and individuals alongside national groups. We provide the highest standard and quality of coaching (with full sports council approval and full insurance) and developing students to the best of their ability.

The Badge

Surrounding the club badge are the words honour, respect and pride. These are simple words that have great meaning within all our clubs:

Honour – Honour means showing great respect for someone or something and within Ju-Jitsu we need to show respect for each other and ourselves in all disciplines.

Respect – Respect means showing admiration for someone or something that you believe in. We need to have respect within Ju-Jitsu, as we work with each other to achieve our goals. One way that we always show respect is by bowing (rei) to others.

Pride – Pride is a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get when you or others that you are connected to have done something good. You should feel proud when you are doing Ju-Jitsu because you are doing something for yourself and you are learning and mastering a new skill.

As a member of The Wakarishin Ju-Jitsu Family you should show all of these attributes to both yourself and others. You should be proud of your achievements and be honoured to wear your Gi and you should always show respect to those that you train with.

Remember you are not just a student, you are a member of the Wakarishin Family.

The Symbol

The Kanji (Japanese script) in our badge and logo literally means “family”.

The reason we chose this symbol as the main representation of our clubs is that as a family we work towards common goals for the benefit of us all, both in the dojo and in every day life. With any form of club there is a sense of belonging this is particularly true across all our clubs, we socialise, we travel, we train and for the most part we go to the bar after training.